Soul 2022


6 Snacks

Little shrimp from Cartagena
with vegetables and tomato water

Onion cream, smoked eel
and green beans

Lemon fish marinated in carob
grilled carrot and its pickled sauce

Bomba rice P.D.O Calasparra
with red shrimp from Cartagena

Mediterranean oyster
lamb juice and halophytes

Suckling lamb from Calblanque
roasted in its juice

Red tuna kokotxa
with veal sauce

Artisan cheese cart
selected by Adrián de Marcos

Fig, fennel and fondillon

Apricot, carob and oloroso wine

Petit fours,
Finca El Soto



Menu served at full table. Drinks not included. We propose to harmonize our cuisine by the hand of our sommelier. If you are allergic or intolerant, please inform the staff.
This menu is only served until 14:30 for lunch and until 21:30 for dinner. Prices includes VAT