Frequently asked questions

1. If I go by my own vehicle, is there any parking lot near Magoga?

Yes, you can park your vehicle easily in a Public Parking Area surrounded by blue zone (with fee) within 15 meters from Magoga.

2. Is it possible to access the restaurant with public transportations?

Yes, Magoga locates very close to the center of Cartagena so you can find it easy to access Magoga on foot or by public transportations from different locations in the city, including the Región de Murcia International Airport (within 20 minutes), Cartagena’s port, commercial centers or museums.
To choose the most suitable means of transport, please click here.

3. Is it possible to have the tasting menu and the normal menu at the same table?

No, it is not. To guarantee an agile and harmonious service for the benefit of all diners, the same service needs to be offered to any table by the choice of the diners: tasting menu, our chef’s recommendations or normal menu.

4. Is it possible to have a personalized menu in Magoga?

Yes. Please contact us on our website or at this telephone number (629 98 02 57) in order to specify your demands for personalized menu. You can also click here to make your inquiry.

5. Are there different dishes for different diets?

Yes. We are capable of varying all of our dishes in order to adapt to any diet. We also have a menu adapted to all kinds of intolerances and allergies so that any customer can be consulted and advised personally by our staffs and Head waiter.

6. Is it allowed to go with children to the restaurant?

Yes, it is allowed. Besides, we recommend you to consult us in advance to prepare a suitable menu for children.

7. What is the average price for lunch / dinner at the Magoga restaurant?

The average price of our restaurant is 50 Euros (drinks included). Furthermore, we have an extensive menu with variety of prices.

8. How far in advance should I make my reservation?

The sooner you contact us, the better. It is recommended that you book 2 weeks in advance.

9. If I have to cancel my reservation, how can I do it?

You can cancel your reservation by calling 629 98 02 57.

10. What will happen if I arrive late to a reservation?

The booking schedules are accommodated to facilitate room and kitchen service for your best attention.
Under any circumstances that you may arrive late, please contact us. Punctuality is essential.

11. How can I pay at the restaurant?

We accept payments in cash, by credit or debit cards. Checks are not accepted.

12. Is there any room for private celebrations or business meetings?

Yes, we have a reservation room for 10-12 seats with projector.

13. Can you customize the dining room for private celebrations?

By contacting us in advance, you can customize the private room as you wish.

14. Is there any dress code to go to the restaurant?

No, there is not.

15. Apart from lunch and dinner, can I have a drink in Magoga?

Yes, you can. We have an extensive menu of liqueurs and wine so that you can enjoy any drink, whether inside or outside on our private outdoor terrace.